Quick Answer: Why Is My Google Home Not Available?

How do I fix Google home glitch?

Although generally pretty reliable, Google Home speakers and displays do glitch out from time to time….Force close and relaunch the Google Home app.Tap Settings > Apps & Notifications.Locate the Google Home app.Tap Force Stop..

How do I reset my Google home WiFi?

Google Nest Wifi routerPress and hold the factory reset button for 10 seconds. … This starts the reset process, which can take up to 10 minutes. … When factory reset is complete, the light on your router will pulse white.After the device has been reset, the device will still appear in the Google Home or Google Wifi app.

How do I enable pairing on Google home?

From the Google Home appOpen the Google Home app .Tap the device you want to pair. Settings .Scroll down to “General settings,” then tap Paired Bluetooth devices. Enable Pairing Mode.

Can Google home work without wifi?

The best thing about this feature is that it lets users cast songs directly to the device without connecting to Wi-Fi. Google Home Guest mode works on both iOS and Android and is easy to set up. This feature works on both iOS and Android and is easy to set up.

How do I put Google home Mini in pairing mode?

Go to the Device settings at the upper-right corner of the Google Home app and tap on the three-dot menu. Tap on Settings, scroll down and hit the Enable Pairing Mode option located inside the Paired Bluetooth Devices settings. The Enable Pairing Mode lets you pair any number of smartphones at a given time.

What to do when Google home is not working?

If rebooting through the software doesn’t fix the problem you’re having, unplug the power cord from the back of the Google Home and let it sit like that, unplugged, for 60 seconds. Plug the cord back in and wait another minute for it to fully power on, and then check to see if the problem goes away.

Do I need Google home to use chromecast?

You have to use the Google Home app so you have to have a compatible Android phone/tablet or an iPhone or iPad to run setup. … on compatible mobile devices to set up Chromecast (both versions), Chromecast Ultra, Chromecast Audio, and TVs and speakers with Chromecast built-in.

How do I get the Google home app on my iPhone?

How to Set Up Google Home With an iPhone or iPadConnect the mobile device to the Wi-Fi network that you also use with the Google Home smart speaker.Plug in the Google Home smart speaker. … Download and install the Google Home iOS app on your iPhone or iPad. … On the app’s welcome screen, select Get Started.More items…•

Why is Google home no longer available?

The Google Home speaker might be seeing its final days. The smart speaker, which initially released back in 2016, is no longer available on th U.S. Google Store. If a product on the Store is out of stock, it wouldn’t read “No Longer Available,” so it likely means Google is no longer selling the device.

Why are some settings unavailable on Google home?

The reason you are getting “ some settings are not available “is because the router is letting the google home communicate. Try this: … 4-on the phone that connected to hotspot set up google home. 5-when setting up google home select hotspot as wi fi that you want to use during setup.

Where is my Google home app?

Open the Google Home app by tapping the app icon on your Android device.

How do I connect my Google home to WIFI?

How to change the Wi-Fi network on your Google HomeOpen the Google Home app on your iPhone or Android phone.Tap on the name of your Google Home device. Tap the desired device. … Tap the settings button in the upper right corner of the screen. … Tap “Wi-Fi.” It should be second from the bottom on the list of options. … Tap the red “Forget This Network” button.

How do I reset my Google home?

Press and hold the factory reset button located below the power cord on the bottom of Home Mini. Look for a circle etched into the base. After 5 seconds, your device will begin the factory reset process.

Is Google home being discontinued?

The original Google Home smart speaker has finally been discontinued. … After a four-year run, the original Google Home has finally shuffled out of Google’s smart speaker lineup, and now comes word that a successor is likely on the way.