Quick Answer: Who Was The Richest Man In The 1800s?

Who was the richest man in the 1700s?

Mansa MusaMansa Musa was born in 1280 into a family of rulers.

His brother, Mansa Abu-Bakr, ruled the empire until 1312, when he abdicated to go on an expedition..

Who was the richest man in 1850?

Cornelius Vanderbilt1850s: Cornelius Vanderbilt By the 1850s, Vanderbilt had become the world’s richest person.

Who was the richest man in the 19th century?

The greatest tycoons of the 19th centuryCORNELIUS VANDERBILT. One of the richest men who ever lived, Cornelius Vanderbilt or ‘The Commodore’ was a magnate and philanthropist who earned his wealth through shipping and railroad building. … JOHN JACOB ASTOR. … JOHN D. … EDWARD L. … ANDREW CARNEGIE.

Who was the richest person in 1890?

By half decadeYearName1890John D. Rockefeller18951900Andrew Carnegie190547 more rows