Quick Answer: Which Sector Is Best To Invest In 2020?

Which sector is best to invest in share market now?

While investors can keep off defensive sectors like FMCG, growth sectors or cyclical sectors may represent an investment opportunity in the current scenario.

Before taking any investment decision, study the markets, align your decision with your financial goals, and take objective decisions..

Which sector will perform in 2020?

Well, the smart money is likely to move towards beaten-down sectors such as autos, mid & small caps. Action is likely to continue in financials, consumer space, and Oil & Gas, suggest experts. “2020 will be a year of equities and just like 2019, high bouts of volatility will be the flavour.

What are the 11 sectors of the economy?

The 11 stock market sectors:Materials.Industrials.Financials.Energy.Consumer discretionary.Information technology.Communication services.Real estate.More items…•

Which share is best to buy?

List of best stocks SLCompanyPrice1Transpek Industry1,660.02Rites254.33Excel Industries900.74GM Breweries406.06 more rows

Which sector will grow in next 10 years?

Information Technology (IT)FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods)Housing finance companies.Automobile Companies.Infrastructure.Bonus: Pharmaceuticals Stocks.

Which company gives highest return?

List of highest return stocks in last 10 YearsSLCompanySize1Tata Consumer ProductLarge2Berger Paints IndiaLarge3Britannia IndustriesLarge4Jubilant Life ScienceMid8 more rows

Which will offer the highest return?

Stock markets offer the highest and inflation-beating returns. High return investments come with high risk. Stock markets can be volatile and investing in stock markets is not apt for everyone. You need to ensure that you don’t invest your emergency funds in stock markets.

Which sector is down the most?

The technology sector ranked fourth in S&P Global’s list of sectors with the most volatility, coming in with a standard deviation of 14.8%. The technology sector includes a wide range of goods and services.

Which sectors do well in a recession?

Healthcare, food, consumer staples, and basic transportation are examples of relatively inelastic industries that can perform well in recessions. They may also benefit from being considered essential industries during the public health emergency.

What is the hottest stock right now?

Most ActivesCompanyPriceChangeXOM Exxon Mobil Corp40.69+0.95PFE Pfizer Inc37.91+0.05CRM Salesforce.Com Inc271.10-5.22T AT&T Inc30.04+0.146 more rows

Which sector is the largest employer?

agricultural sectorThe agricultural sector is the largest employer in the Indian economy.

What sector is best to invest in?

4 Good Quality Sector ETFs & Stocks to Buy Right NowMedical — #1. The broader medical sector currently has the top rank #1 among the 16 broad Zacks sectors. … Utilities — #2. The first-quarter earnings of the utilities sector is expected to record 2% growth. … Business Services — #3. The sector takes the third spot.

Which sector is largest income generator?

Indian textile & Handicrafts industry is the largest employment generator after agri: Ajay Tamta.

What are the fastest growing sectors?

Top 10 Fastest-Growing Industries in the United StatesComputer Systems Design.Services to Buildings.Building Finishing.Residential Construction.Exterior Contractors.Scientific/Technical Services.Building Equipment.Other Specialty Trade.More items…•