Quick Answer: What Is Cisco Dtls?

What is Cisco DTLS license?

Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) is required for all Cisco 600 Series OfficeExtend Access Point deployments to encrypt data plane traffic between the APs and the Cisco WLC.

If DTLS is disabled, you must install a DTLS license to enable DTLS encryption.

The DTLS license is available for download on Cisco.com..

How do I disable DTLS?

To disable DTLS 1.2 for client or server, change the DWORD value to 0. If an SSPI app requests to use DTLS 1.0, it will be denied. To disable DTLS 1.2 by default, create a DisabledByDefault entry and change the DWORD value to 1.

Can UDP use TLS?

DTLS is an implementation of TLS over UDP (a datagram protocol). per wikipedia, TLS uses TCP, and DTLS uses UDP, so all the classic differences apply. UDP communications exist as streams of packets with no ordering, delivery reliability, or flow control.

What port does Dtls use?

DTLS Port and Packet Types. The default destination port number for RADIUS/DTLS is UDP/2083. There are no separate ports for authentication, accounting, and dynamic authorization changes. The source port is arbitrary.