Question: Who Owns Rain LTE?

Is Rain listed on the JSE?

1-billion valuation to Rain, South Africa’s fifth mobile operator, giving it a value 40% above Telkom’s market capitalisation at the time of writing.

The JSE-listed investment group attached a value of R2.

It increased the fair-value assessment of its Rain stake by R183-million, it said..

Where do I buy a rain SIM card?

To pick up a rain SIM, customers can simply ask for one at the Pargo counter in store – they’re free. Once they have one, they activate it at, and can even RICA their SIM online.

Does rain slow down internet?

Small amounts of rain, wind, or snow shouldn’t impact the speed of any Internet connection. Large storms, however, can be cause for concern. High winds can knock out power lines, while extreme cold can cause ground heaves, which may break or tear existing copper lines.

How does rain data work?

Rain added that it offers consumers one plan – mobile data priced at R50 per GB. “Customers will only pay for data they have used at the end of a month. … Unlimited data usage is valid for 19 hours a day, except at peak times – 18:00 to 23:00. During these peak hours, consumers will pay the standard 5c per MB.

How does rain unlimited data work?

welcome to rain You have the option to add unlimited off-peak for R250 a month. This gives you 19 hours of unlimited data between 11pm and 6pm for everyday in the month. Data used during ‘peak hours’ 6pm – 11pm will be charged at 5c per meg (R50 a gig). Only pay for what you use, at the end of the month.

When was rain network invented?

Back in 2015, a company that you and Paul Harris back called Multisource acquired Wireless Business Solutions or WBS. Obviously, that company, WBS, was the holding company of iBurst and Broadlink. News this week is that you’ve rebranded as Rain. Why the rebrand? Well, first of all, there were some old brands there.

Who owns rain South Africa?

Rain, partly owned by Patrice Motsepe, Paul Harris and Michael Jordaan, is taking on established companies Vox, Vumatel and Telkom’s OpenServe in the lucrative fixed-line internet market.

Can you use a rain SIM card in any phone?

Your rain 4G SIM will work in any 4G/LTE enabled device. For the best online experience, we recommend you pair your rain 4G SIM with a 4G dual-SIM phone, 4G tablet or MiFi device.

How do I connect my SIM card to the rain?

Just follow these simple steps.choose your plan. Choose between our 4G. unlimited data plans.enter your SIM’s. unique code. You’ll find these 2 codes on the back of your SIM pack. … create an. account. Set up your account and register your payment details.RICA online. Do it online with your SA ID and proof of address.

Does Africa have 5g network?

5G has finally arrived on the African continent.   Vodacom has today announced the launch of its 5G mobile network in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Towen. The launch encompasses twenty live sites… 5G has finally arrived on the African continent.

Is rain a South African company?

Rain, South African LTE provider.

What network does rain use?

Vermeulen says Rain operates its own LTE 4G network in the country and it lets Vodacom roam on the network at a price.

What is rain data?

Rain is a data-only mobile network in South Africa that has launched Africa’s first 5G network. Rain. … Rain offers data-only SIM cards and has become a disruptive force in South Africa which suffers from very high mobile data costs.

Why is rain network so slow?

Yet a new service like rain is arguably struggling even more, as it resorts exclusively to mobile data and signal towers. … The mobile 4G network was not designed to carry such heavy traffic in those areas, and as such there are some congested towers,” continued Dlanga. So the standard reasoning, basically.

Is rain a good network?

Rain has been sliding down the South African ISP rankings and is now rated as one of the worst Internet service providers in the country. … Whenever an article about Rain is published, complaints about poor network speeds, especially during peak hours, follow.

Does rain have 5g?

Rain launched its commercial 5G service on 11 November 2019, offering subscribers unlimited data at speeds of up to 700Mbps for R1,000 per month. Since launch Rain has doubled its 5G coverage which was achieved by adding more sites and providing a new 5G router to users.

Is rain a contract?

For starters, Rain offers a high-speed 4G data-only service at very affordable prices, with no contract, no bundles and the data does not have an expiry date.