Question: Which RC Battery Best?

What is the best 4s LiPo battery?

Tattu R-Line 4S 95C The Tattu R-Line 4S is one of the best performers, and they claim to have a shocking “95C” C-Rating, on which many would seriously doubt it.

However these batteries are priced nearly twice as high as the Infinity Graphene..

What’s better 2s or 3s LiPo?

On a 2S LiPo battery, that motor will spin around 25,900 RPM. On a 3S, it will spin a whopping 38,850 RPM. So the more voltage you have, the faster you’re going to go.

How long do RC batteries last?

Expect this battery to last you about 1 hour and 30 minutes when used aggressively, and more than 2 hours and used more conservatively. The fact that It has 6 cells also means that the weight of the battery far surpasses more conventional lipos.

Who makes the best LiPo RC batteries?

HRB 11.1V 5000mAh 3S RC LiPo Battery | Best Budget. … Zeee 7.4V 5200mAh 2S Hard Case LiPo | Best Value. … HRB 22.2V 6000mAh 6S LiPo Battery | Top Pick. … Zeee 7.4V 8000mAh 2S LiPo Hard Case. … Floureon 7.4V 5200mAh 2S Hard Case LiPo. … Gens ace 11.1V 5000mAh 3S 3 Cell LiPo. … Youme 11.1V 5000mAh 3S LiPo Battery Pack.More items…•

Can I put a bigger battery in my RC car?

When you put a battery with too high of voltage into your RC car, you run the risk of overworking and therefore burning out your ESC or significantly damaging it, as it is directly responsible for controlling the amount of power being delivered to the RC’s motor.

What is the best Traxxas battery?

Ez-Peak Plus (2970) & 2S 7.4v 5000mAh Traxxas LiPo (2842X) This is the most common pairing we sell. The standard Traxxas Ez-Peak Plus is a simple-to-use charger, and the bread-and-butter 2S 5000mAh LiPo is a great mid-range workhorse of a battery.

How long does a 5000mAh RC battery last?

20-35 minutes5000mah is plenty. Quote: 20-35 minutes. depending on gearing and your driving habbits if your full throttle all the time less runtime if your doing a littl eof everything slow and fast your battery will last longer.

What is the difference between 3s and 4s LiPo?

Obviously, the biggest difference is the voltage delivered to the motors. A 3S Lipo has a nominal voltage of 11.1V or 12.6V when fully charged, while a 4S Lipo has a nominal voltage of 14.8V and 16.8V at full charge. … That means the motor spins approximately 28,900 times a minute without any propellers.

How long does a 1200 mah battery last?

If it is a featured phone, so it will take 4–5 days because there is no background process as smartphones. If it is a smartphone, it will normally take 6–7 hours (normal), 2–3 hours ( rough usages means using internet,listening to music etc.)

Can I use a LiPo battery in my RC car?

LiPo batteries are assembled with flat slab-like cells. Most LiPos used in RC cars are 2- or 3-cell configurations. The big number on the battery label (3300, 4000, 5000 etc.) … If your battery is rated at 5000mAh, that means it can hold a steady 5-amp load for a full hour.

What is 2s 3s battery?

3S2P means “3 cells in series and 2 cells in parallel.” This battery would have a total of 6 cells with 2 parallel groups of cells with 3 cells in series in each of those groups.

How do I choose a LiPo battery for my RC car?

When fully charged a LiPo cell should be 4.2v and when discharged it should never be below 3v. You will notice that LiPo packs are made up of layers of multiple cells. A 1S = 1 cell (3.7v). If the LiPo pack is listed as being 3S this means it is 3 cells x 3.7v (per cell) which is 11.1v (3s 11.1v lipo battery).

What does 4s battery mean?

This is typically noted in a shorthand such as “4S-2200”. In this example, “4S” denotes that the battery has four cells in series. The nominal voltage of each cell is 3.7 volts (4.2v fully-charged), so the total pack voltage is: … The second number denotes the capacity of the battery in milliamp-hours (mAh).

Can I use a higher mAh battery in my drone?

The higher the mAh, or capacity of a battery, the more strength a quadcopter has. A trade off is that it will take a longer time to charge. Flight time is another reason you will need a powerful battery. … Smaller drones, which use considerably less powerful batteries, will usually land faster.

What does VXL mean?

Velineon Brushless Power SystemVXL = Velineon Brushless Power System. It is the most powerful series of motors and speed controls from Traxxas for reaching high speeds with their cars and trucks. Traxxas, the FASTEST Name In Radio Control.

How long will a 2s 5000mAh LiPo last?

37 hoursthe 2s 5000mah will last for 37 hours if you pull 1 watt per hour. now scale that up to the wattage of the motor and divide by the hour to determine runtime in mins. EX: 550 watt motor run on the 3s lipo *at 100% efficiency* will run for 6 mins at fill power.