Question: What Is A 25c In The Army?

Does 25 C see combat?

Does MOS 25C see combat.

An Army Radio Operator (MOS 25C) may be assigned to a combat unit, in which their skills are critical for maintaining communications on the battlefield..

What is a 25m in the army?

Overview. Multimedia illustrators are primarily responsible for operating multimedia-imaging equipment in order to produce visual displays and documents. They produce graphic artwork that is used in Army publications, signs, charts, posters, television and motion picture productions.

What Mos is 25c?

Radio operator-maintainers are primarily responsible for all maintenance checks and services of radio communication equipment. Military occupational specialty (MOS) 25C has a wide variety of duties with a focus on keeping radio and other communication equipment up to date and working properly.

What does a 25b do in the army?

Information Technology Specialist (25B) Information technology specialists are responsible for maintaining, processing and troubleshooting military computer systems/operations.

What is the best 25 series MOS in the Army?

In my opinion the best three 25 series jobs are 25S, 25N, and 25P. I have held both 25S and 25N as an MOS.

Where do 25s get stationed?

The 5 biggest duty stations for 1C are Fort Meade Maryland, Fort Detrick Maryland, Wahiawa Hawaii, Landstuhl Germany, Fort Buckner Japan. You have a small chance of going to Schriever AFB in Colorado.