Question: How Much Money Can I Put On My Revolut Card?

Can I put money on my Revolut card?

Adding money to your Revolut account is super easy.

Click the ‘Add money’ button.

Input your debit card or bank account information and tap ‘Continue’ Enter the amount of money you want to add and then tap the ‘Add money’ button..

What is the daily withdrawal limit for Revolut?

Cash withdrawals from ATMs are limited to £3,000 or currency equivalent per 24 hours. You can only withdraw £200, £400, and £800 (After 12th August this limit will be changed; see our Fees page) for free on the Standard, Premium, and Metal plans respectively every month.

Can I withdraw cash with my Revolut card?

Overseas ATM withdrawals with Revolut card Revolut lets you take out cash from any ATM abroad that takes Visa or Mastercard. … Cash withdrawals are free up to the currency-equivalent of SGD 350 per month and then have a 2% charge after that with a Standard account.

How much does Revolut charge for ATM withdrawals?

ATM fees. A 2% ATM fee will apply if you withdraw over the monthly limit for your chosen account (€200 per month for Standard and €400 per month for Premium and €800 per month for Metal). Currency exchange fees.

Is there a daily limit on contactless payments?

Is there a daily limit on how much you can pay on contactless? There is no daily cap on the number of individual transactions you can make (each up to £30), but occasionally, as an extra security measure, you’ll be asked to enter your PIN to verify you are the account holder.

How does Revolut make money?

Revolut makes money mainly though the subscription fees with the Premium and Metal accounts. Additionally, Revolut also earns a nominal fee paid to it by merchants every time you spend on your Revolut Card. … Business customers also pay fees depending on their top-up limits.

Is there a limit on Google Pay contactless?

Using Android Pay for contactless payments Android Pay allows you to make payments up to £100, but anything above the £30 limit will require you to enter a pattern, PIN or fingerprint.

How much can I spend on my Revolut card?

Up to £5,000 can be spent, transferred or exchanged each month with a standard current account. After this point, a 0.5% fee is applied. Premium/Metal account holders are entitled to £400/£600 of fee-free ATM withdrawals per month and unlimited foreign exchange transactions at the interbank exchange rate.

Is there a limit on Revolut contactless?

There is no limit to the number of payments you can make by contactless in a single day. However, if you pay for five transactions in a row with a contactless card, you will be required to enter your PIN – just to confirm that the person paying is still you.

How much does Revolut charge to withdraw cash?

Revolut customers can withdraw up to €200 over a 30 day period at no extra cost, but we apply a small fee of 2% thereafter to cover our costs.

Is there a limit on Revolut?

Have just asked specifically in support as to whether Revolut imposed any daily or annual Card limits and the response was clear: ‘No, there is no such limit, we do not have limits for spending.