Question: How Do I Report An AT&T Internet Outage?

Is there an ATT outage in my area?

How do I know if there’s an internet or DSL outage in my area.

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Why is my internet not working?

Check that Wi-Fi is turned on and you are connected. Turn Wi-Fi on. If this is not displayed, or none of the bars are filled in, you may be out of range of a Wi-Fi network. Move closer to the router, check to see if you have a stronger Wi-Fi connection, and try again.

How do I talk to a live person at AT&T?

Talk to a real person at AT&TCall AT&T’s service number at 1-800-331-0500.When the automated system alerts you that your call may be recorded, press zero. … You’ll be asked if you’re calling from the phone number associated with your account. … The automated system will ask what service you’re calling about.More items…•

How do I reboot my AT&T router?

How to reset your Wi-Fi gatewayPress and hold the Reset button on the gateway for at least 10 seconds. If you let go before 10 seconds, the gateway will reboot, but it won’t reset.Wait until the gateway restarts and all the status lights are lit.See if the Broadband or Service status lights are solid green.

How do I report an AT&T outage?

You can:use the Troubleshoot and Resolve tool in myAT&T app on a smart phone,call AT&T Technical Support at 800-288-2020 or.send a Private Mesage to @ATTU-verseCare .

How do I report a phone line fault to AT&T?

Call 1 800-288-2747. Follow the prompts to verify your information until you hear “This is the Main Menu.” Once you have reached the Main Menu press 3 for “Problems with no dial tone, or other Local Repair and Maintenance issues.”

How do I fix my AT&T Internet service?

Get help with your internetUnplug the power cord from the back of your gateway or modem. If you have: … Wait 20 seconds.Put the internal battery back in, if applicable.Plug the power cord back in. … Wait up to 10 minutes for the gateway or modem to reboot and your Broadband light to turn solid green.

How do I troubleshoot my AT&T modem?

Troubleshoot your modemMake sure your line filters are installed correctly and aren’t defective.Turn the modem on and off.Check your modem light indicators. If your Power light doesn’t light up when the modem is plugged in or turned on, the modem may not be getting power. Try replacing the power cord first.

What is causing cell phone outages?

The reasons behind outages can range from bad weather to human errors and network changes. Weather can have a particularly bad effect on your mobile signal, as the heat, cold, rain and stormy conditions can disrupt telecom masts and kill your hopes of getting a signal.

Why is my ATT Internet not working?

Power cycle (reboot) your AT&T gateway – Unplug the gateway from the power outlet in the wall and wait two minutes before plugging it back in. After the Power, Broadband, and Service lights on your gateway turn green, verify that your connection has been restored.