Question: Do Travelodge Take Payment Straight Away?

Can I stay in a hotel at 16?

No you cannot get a hotel at age 16 as the check-in age that about 99% of the hotels have is age 21 due to legal issues especially if there is anywhere in the hotel that serves alcohol..

Can you cancel a Travelodge saver room?

It is possible to cancel a Saver or Sale room using the Manage your bookings section but cancelled rooms are non-refundable. If you want a room that is refundable should your plans change, you can book a Flexible rate room.

What time is Travelodge checkout?

3pmCheck in is from 3pm and check out is 12 noon. Early check in or late check out, may be available. Please ask your advisor for details.

Can you just walk into a Travelodge?

You must be able to show photo identification such as a passport or driver’s license or a valid credit or debit card if you are paying by cash for a walk-in booking at a Travelodge hotel.

Do Travelodge rooms get cheaper?

Book directly with Travelodge, as you’ll always find the lowest prices on their website. Plan in advance as the best value rooms go early. You can book up to 325 days in advance so the further ahead you book, the more likely you are to find the cheapest rooms.

How much is early check in Travelodge?

Early check in and Late check out For just £10 each* you can make your stay more flexible, whether you need to drop off your luggage and go or just want to relax for a bit longer in your room. Simply add these to your basket during check out on our website or by calling your chosen hotel directly.

What is the earliest you can check into a hotel?

noonMost hotels will post a check-in time of around noon to give them time to get at least some some rooms ready for the earlier arrivals, but even that should never be considered as a guarantee of getting into a room. A typical hotel has just enough housekeeping staff to turn over all rooms in a day.

What time do you have to leave a Travelodge in the morning?

You can check-in from 3pm on the scheduled date of arrival. If you wish to check-in earlier, you can do so by buying an early check-in extra at the time of booking or directly at the hotel. These services are subject to availability. You must check-out before midday on the scheduled date of departure.

Do you have to pay upfront for Travelodge?

You will need to pay on arrival and you must do so by using, in person only, the payment card which you used to make the booking or cash. … Group Bookings only: All payments are due in full at the time of booking for Group Bookings made 28 days or fewer before the scheduled date of arrival and are not refundable.

When booking a hotel room do they charge your card right away?

If you prepay the room partially or fully, the hotel will likely charge your card for that amount right away. In other cases, depending on the hotel’s policies, the hotel might charge you for a room deposit when you book and then place holds for the rest of your room fees and incidental charges once you check in.

Is breakfast included in Travelodge prices?

Our unlimited all you can eat breakfast starts from only £8.75 and kids aged 15 and under eat completely free.

How far in advance can you book a Travelodge?

325 daysRooms can be booked up to 325 days in advance, so the earlier you book, the more likely you’ll get a room under £29.

Can you just walk in a hotel and get a room?

Yes, it depends on where the hotel is located. Hotels alongside a major highway will get a great deal more walk ins. If you are a hotel at a major destination spot or city, then most will be reservations with very few walk ins.